Ryobi electric pole saw stopped working

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. You can sometimes get replacement switches at a reasonable price. If the motor arcs excessively a little visible arcing is normalthe brushes may need replacing. Do not run the tool if you suspect brushes, you can permanently damage the motor. I just had a similar problem. It turned out to be the switch.

I blew it out and works fine now. While I had the casing open, I also took the opportunity to replace the brushes. I had the same issue with my saw and traced the problem down to the switch.

Pulled it apart and found the contacts had burnt out due to over heating. To zero in on the specific problem as described: Looking at how the problem appeared, i. Great responses so far. I just un-screwed the wires from the switch and touched them together. Insulated plier handles would be a good precaution! The saw started immediately.

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This was easier on a Miter box as it is bolted down. Care must be taken if you are trying this with a hand held circular saw sitting on a bench. Make SURE the guard is down and completley covering the blade for safety. If possible, find a way to clamp it to your workbench top before starting it up or at least have someone else hold it steady for you. By looking at the switch I was able to I. Pay attention to what wires go where BEFORE you take them off and mark them with tape or write on the switch with a marker.

Cell phone photos help on re-assembly, too. Some switches have a mini-schematic printed on their label, so check to make sure you have it wired correctly. If you can turn a screw driver you can do this! A Volt Ohm meter is also a good troubleshooting tool to determine if you have power and to where.

Always disconnect the power unless you are checking to see if you have it! Also it would be a good ideal to go and get a couple of replacements from lowes, i found out that the magnet wears out over time and use.

Hopefully this works for you as it did for me. To inspect or replace brushes, first unplug the saw. Remove the black plastic cap 2 on the side of the motor 1. Use caution when removing the cap because it is springloaded. Pull out the brush and replace. Replace for the other side. To reassemble, reverse the procedure. Press the metal part of the carbon brush in the hole where the carbon part fits. Tighten the cap snugly but do not overtighten. NOTE: To reinstall the same brushes, first make sure the brushes go back in the way they came out.

This will avoid a break-in period that reduces motor performance and increases wear.Pruning is quite of a regular act that a gardener or professional carpenter has to go through on regular basis. But what if you buy a cordless pole saw which is free of hectic wiring? For ending up with the best cordless pole saw in hand, you have to go through quite a few aspects.

The cutting bar, the battery power, the shaft, the capability to reach heights- these are some of the notable ones.

ryobi electric pole saw stopped working

If you get on to do it all by yourself, there is a good chance of slipping off. Best Pick. Best Choice. The name is Greenworks 8. Also, you can reach a height of up to 8. As you know, the most important part of a cordless pole saw is the battery. This pole saw comes with a 40V Li-ion battery system. With this power installed, you can operate this tool for a few hours. And once the power is out, you have a 2Ah battery charger. The charger itself is fast equipment to quickly get back yourself in work.

For trimming out the branches, you have got an 8 inches chain and bar. In most of the cases, tree branches and limbs are not thicker than that. In modern power tools, there are many additional features that help with the functionality of the main tool. In the case of pole saws, easy adjustment chain saw tension is one such feature. To deal with both hardwood and softwood, this will help a lot with operating with this tool. On top of that, you can extend this shaft up to a length of 8 feet.

If pruning is not your day to day job, you might look for a model which is capable of dealing with semi-professional workloads. Cordless Electric Pole Saw. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this saw is capable of taking legal workloads. This pruner tool can reach up to a height of 9.Electric leaf blowers are a straightforward piece of equipment that many gardeners use. If one is not working properly, the problem will be small and probably not difficult to locate.

Here's a routine to check your leaf blower from plug to mouth. The plug and cable are basic leaf blower parts that can give trouble because of the treatment they receive. To check the plug unless it is welded to the cable you need to take the cover off.

Look to see if the terminals inside the plug have come loose. To correct this problem, reconnect the terminals. To check the cable, examine it inch by inch to make sure it has not been cut or worn, causing a short circuit or no circuit at all. Unplug the leaf blower and check that the impeller or fan has not been jammed by a stick or other object so that it cannot turn.

If the impeller can move, turn it by hand to see if you can hear a grinding noise.

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If the bearings on the impeller have worn out, they could lock up when power is applied to the shaft. Plug the leaf blower in again and test it. When everything else checks out, there are only two possibilities left. The first is that there is a thermal cut out on the leaf blower. The second is that the electric motor is not working. A thermal cut out will usually reset itself after about 30 minutes, or there will be a reset button on the machine.

Replacing the brushes in the motor will require purchasing some new parts for your electric leaf blower. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation Login Register How-Tos. Troubleshooting Electric Leaf Blowers.

Written by Justin Stewart.

ryobi electric pole saw stopped working

Reviewed by Gabriel Connor Salter. What You'll Need. Leaf blower. Leaf blower owners manual. Mains tester. Circuit tester. Owner's Manual Check the manual for any instructions that might relate to the problem you are experiencing. Power Supply Make sure there's power in the socket you have the leaf blower plugged into. Plug and Cable The plug and cable are basic leaf blower parts that can give trouble because of the treatment they receive.

Leaf Blower Terminals Use a mains tester to check that power is arriving at the terminals in the leaf blower.

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Impeller or Fan Unplug the leaf blower and check that the impeller or fan has not been jammed by a stick or other object so that it cannot turn. Electric Motor Open the inspection hatch for the electric motor and check that the central spindle will turn. Check Again Plug the leaf blower in again and test it.Welcome to your Ryobi power equipment website. Ryobi began operations in Japan over 60 years ago manufacturing die cast components.

Ryobi has accumulated innovative technologies and produces die cast components for numerous industries, including automotive, computer, telecommunications and electronic manufacturers. Ryobi power tools meet a wide array of needs from hand held drills, planers, grinders, stationary saws to lawnmowers, hedge trimmers,cordless tools, generators and door closers.

Ryobi also offers a comprehensive selection of power sources, giving consumers a choice of electric, cordless or petrol-powered models designed to meet specific market needs. No other distributor can offer such a comprehensive range of volume selling power equipment with such strong market acceptance.

We have gone to great lengths to gain the trust of users by creating safe, easy-to-use products that are highly functional and durable. Our experts provide advice on how to safely and effectively use your Ryobi Heat Gun. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Contact Number required. Your Message. Call Email. Read more. Take back control of your power! Ryobi manufactures both 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke generators to suit your specific needs.

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What do I do? Results 1 to 23 of Thread: My table saw motor just stopped. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. My table saw motor just stopped.

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I was ripping a bunch of boards into small strips and although the saw was working hard, it wasn't any where near stalling. The thing just stopped running. One second it's fine, the next it's dead.

I checked the outlet and circuit breaker and they're fine. Any thoughts on what I should check or what the problem might be? Re: My table saw motor just stopped. Does the motor have an internal thermal cutoff switch? I think sometime there is a button looking thing to reset, or else they reset automatically when it cools down.

ryobi electric pole saw stopped working

Posts 16, Clean out the switch I had a similar thing happen a while back there's a thread in the bilge I'll bump for you, pretty sure it was in the bilge, hopefully I can find it. Like AK says, the motor probably has it's own breaker, probably a little red button. Originally Posted by andykane. Canada Posts 2, Vacuum or blow out all the sawdust around the motor and frame stand.

That should do it.

ryobi electric pole saw stopped working

I don't know why, but it works on my table saw everytime. Canada Posts 6, Heat builds up and trips the internal breaker. Cleaning with air dissipates heat and removes insulation. What saw? The manuals for most of the more modern ones, at least are mostly on line. On the Jet and Craftsman, there is a reset button on the body of the motor.

If you have overheated, which from the sound of it is the case, push to reset and you should be good. Others are likely similar. Photo grabbed from the web: A Craftsman, I think.

Did you actually reset the circuit breaker in the panel or just look at it? If resetting the panel breaker and resetting the thermal overload breaker on the motor doesn't fix it, then it's time to track down the problem with a circuit tester.Featuring an automatic oiler for smooth operation, the in-line motor housing also allows you to prune in tight spaces.

Extends up to 9. Click the link below to access outdoor products replacement parts schematics and order parts online. For those customers that prefer ordering by phone, simply contact the Ryobi master parts distributor at toll freeand place your order over the phone. Forgot your password? Click here Resend Confirmation Email. Sign Up Now. Sign up for email communications.

You may make specific selections via Email Settings. Rated 1 out of 5 by brentj77 from Problematic from day one I bought this a year ago and it just seemed to run rough. I put the bar chain oil in and that leaks all down the pole. After using it 5 times the battery died. I took it back to home depot and they gave me a full in store credit so I purchased another one.

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I just used it once literally cut one branch and the chain came off. When I removed the cover I noticed the sprocket came right off. Either they forgot to put the retaining clip on during manufacturing or it came off after one use. A total waste of several hours of my Saturday to return the unit for a second time.

Not to mention that I still have to do all the work I was planning on doing. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by DarthDaddy98 from Fast, versatile, and reliable. A great value! I bought this tool well over 2 years ago and I honestly did not have high expectations. I have a ficus hedge that has gotten out of control and neede to be cut down to size.

This little saw zips through ficus limbs like a hot knife through butter and comes back for more.

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I am still using the original chain that came with the saw, even though I bought a spare just in case. My only complaint is that the collars that hold the extensions in place get wedged in place and are sometimes difficult to turn, but gentle persuasion with a pair of vice-grips does the job easily. This tool is an excellent value and does a great job for me. Rated 4 out of 5 by cloclo from So convenient! A chainsaw is a chainsaw, and they're all dangerous, including a pole saw.

An electric one like this Ryobi provides the operator greater control, and it is so convenient as well as safer. Not having to mess with gasoline and oil and not having to worry about whether your engine will start or not is worth a lot.

You still have to worry about the chain tension, which is fairly easy to adjust, and you have to use bar and chain oil to lubricate the bar and chain. I cannot easily determine how much oil is in the container when I fill it, which is why I dropped one star in my rating. On balance, this pole saw does a good job, quickly and efficiently. Rated 5 out of 5 by Pepaw from Great limb trimmer I brought this Labor Day weekend and used it all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday.

It performed really good. I read the reviews and went to Home Depot and checked it out. I found that my store even sells replacement 8" Oregon chain that will work on it.If your blade pops out occasionally, it could mean you are pushing the saw too hard or too fast. This could mean you are pushing the saw too hard or too fast.

This is a built-in feature we put in all of our batteries to protect them from being ruined. This automatic shut-off is a safety feature that will shut your tool off when it overheats.

If this happens, let the tool cool down for a few minutes before continuing use. Place the radio in the highest area possible with the antenna fully extended. Remember, reception can vary by location and surroundings. My tool sounds like it is cycling, but it is not actually delivering a nail. What is the problem? Most likely the air adjustment dial has been turned up too far. Turn the dial back and cycle the tool a few times into scrap material and it should reset.

For best results using the Laser Distance Measurer, do not use in direct sunlight. The LDM works best in low-light conditions or in-doors. Yes, the pins on the moisture meter can be replaced.

Ryobi multi tool issue and fix. Stop working fix

Please contact our customer service group for replacement pins. There are several reasons this could be the happening. The volume buttons on your radio, and the volume slider on your phone. The USB port is for charging only, not data music transmission. USB charging will work with the radio off, but only for 45 minutes. Ensure the cord you are using is a registered accessory for use with your device.

Many third-party cords do not always work with devices.

Fix An Electric Chain Saw In 7 Steps

Radio reception varies greatly due to a lot of factors. If you are inside a building, there are a lot of materials between your radio and the transmission. Ensure the folding antenna is up for the best possible FM reception. Also make sure the radio is in a high place and radio transmissions are not being blocked by surrounding objects. Troubleshooting The blade of my tool pops out at different times during use.

What is wrong? No, longer cables are currently not available for this device. No, the cable included on the inspection scope is not removable.

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